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How can I contribute ?

Of course, all contributions are welcome. Some ways to contribute are described in the following sections. Contributions should be sent to Brieuc "BBP" Jeunhomme <bbp@via.ecp.fr>.

Bug reports and code reviews

If you find a bug, or observe some strange or weird behaviour when using pim, or find some oddity in the source code, please report them.

New ways to use pim and particular configurations

If you had a hard time getting things up and running when using pim with some software, or have done something you find interesting, or simply want to show what you do so that others may save time, don't hesitate to send a text file explaining what you did, the different steps required to do the same, and the problems you runned into, and it will be published in the appropriate section of this web site.

Patches, new modules, and features requests/comments about the code

Of course, these are welcome (in particular patches and new modules :=). Newly provided code will quickly be made available for download, but will be reviewed by the pim development team before it is included in a release. It has to match pim security requirements (see the SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS sections of the manual pages for more detail). This does of course not guarantee total security, but should help keeping the number of security related bugs reasonably low.

Encouragements and criticisms

Both are welcome too. If you find our work is helpful to you, we would be glad to know about it. If you find this is a load of crap, we will be free to go on vacation.


Thanks to Clement Laforet (aka. Sheepkiller) for hosting these pages and contributing to the code, and Henri Fallon (aka. henrisson) for this website and the pim logo.

2002/10/20 - bbp@via.ecp.fr